Legitimate Remote & WFH Jobs - Where to Find Them!

Remote and Work From Home jobs are taking over in this day and age as most companies have realized that you can hire from all over the US without paying the overhead of hanging brick and mortar offices. We have found that working from home allows for greater flexibility and happier employees because of the greater flexibility and this has benefited companies in many of the same ways, as well as financially.

When the pandemic hit in 2020 and companies had no choice but to shift to WFH, many realized that this could just continue and this created a huge uptick in more companies offering either a completely remote job or a hybrid model. But again, this also caused lots of other companies to realize the possibilities that were out there for them.

So where does one find these infamous work from home jobs? Like, the legit ones. We’ve all seen those posts in the Mom groups on Facebook where the question is being asked and all the women comment their new and upcoming MLM. And while I won’t bash the MLMs, most people asking about WFH jobs are interested in actual paycheck WFH jobs and not network marketing. So let’s jump into it, shall we?

Indeed: You can specifically search by Remote job options in your area and any companies offering this type of work will pop up. In my research, jobs that typically offer remote work vary from call centers, insurance agencies, managed care companies and more. Knowing this, you could even search specifically for local companies on indeed to see what they have posted.

Company websites:  having told you some of the well known industries to offer remote work, you could easily look for local options via company websites. For instance, I know managed care companies often offer remote work so I would search for jobs through PerformCare, UPMC, etc as they are local companies in Central PA. From there you can filter depending on the type of work or just take a glance at all remote work they offer.

Negotiate Your Current Job:  Ok so this option is definitely a bit more involved and truly depends on the kind of work you currently do. If the work that you are doing could easily be done from home, it’s time to start negotiating why either a hybrid model or a completely remote option would not only benefit you but the company you work for. Who knows, you could end up saving the company money and advocating for many other employees who have been too scared to advocate on their own behalf. I’m going to make this sound really simple but trust me, you will need to do a bit more research before going to management with this! Spell out the pros for the company if they chose to switch to hybrid or remote work. Things like: less overhead, productive and happy employees, work life balance, more autonomy, less travel time or need for travel so there isn’t an excuse to show up late, less of a need potentially for time off for employees because there is more balance, less stress in employees with rising gas prices and the need to travel for work which in turn impacts their work performance. I could probably go on and on. If you really want to be fancy, do a quick google search of recent articles on remote work and cite some statistics or reference those article in whatever you are presenting to your company so it doesn’t look as though you’re just asking for a pipe dream but that this has actually been quite successful for many large corporations.

Whew! There you have it!! These are my tips and tricks for finding remote work without selling your souls to network marketing (I promised I wouldn’t knock on it, but I had to throw one dig in). but seriously, after having worked from home for two years now, it’s clear that I will never go back to an office. There is just so much flexibility, the ability to do laundry on my lunch break is a nice plus, not to mention being able to listen to my favorite music while I work.


I hope this was helpful for you! Happy “Remote Working!”




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